Intero Cool Apps: Camera Awesome Lends a Touch of Pro Photography to iPhones

It's nothing utterly profound to realize that most prospective home buyers won't take a second look at a listing that has no photos. And yet, these listings are still out there. Every day, you see listings with either no photos, really bad photos or just one or two photos. This is a pretty huge missed opportunity – and one that can be addressed pretty easily and at a very low cost compared to the old days of paying big money for great-looking photography. In fact, great photos are right at most of our fingertips now with the amazing quality of the iPhone built-in camera.

This is precisely why I wanted to highlight a new iPhone photo app called Camera Awesome. The free app takes your iPhone photos up a notch and adds just a touch more professionalism.

Camera Awesome gives you more to work with when taking a photo with features such as visual guides to help with composition like a level to help ensure the horizon is straight and a grid that splits the screen into thirds. The app also has a multitouch feature that enables you to focus on one part of your image while adjusting exposure on another part.

In terms of editing, Camera Awesome also delivers. The app lets you adjust sharpness, temperature, vibrancy and contrast after you take a photo. It also includes basic photo filters like those you see in apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. You can crop images and also use preset visual effects and frames.

The app includes a sufficient number of options that are free with the option to buy others if you want. I found the free ones to be more than sufficient, though.

Of course, you can also share photos right from the app if you're looking to add something to Facebook or Twitter, for example.

All around, I think this one is well worth trying out. Photos are such a great tool in real estate and apps like Camera Awesome really make it easy to impress!

You can download Camera Awesome in the iTunes App Store.