Cool Apps: LocalMind Opens Up Info about Local Spots

Help your clients get a pulse on the neighborhoods they're interested in with LocalMind, a question-and-answer app for iPhone that lets you ask questions about a general area or a specific location. LocalMind is like Yahoo Answers meets location-based services. It enables users to ask a question using the app on their phone and get answers from people in the area. Some examples of things people ask and answer/provide insight for:

How crowded is it at that restaurant? What's the best thing to order on the menu? How late is that place open? Where can I find the cheapest gas around here? Where is the best nearby playground for toddlers?

These are all things prospective buyers would likely want to know while out sampling a neighborhood. LocalMind gives a forum to ask and answer these questions, and leave local tips about what to see and do.

Instead of trolling dozens and sometimes hundreds of reviews on Yelp, you just ask a question about your chosen location and get real answers from real people.

Questions generally get answered by users in the area within just a few minutes. The people answering questions get judged according to a bunch of different criteria, including their number of check-ins on Foursquare (which gives the LocalMind team an idea of whether their knowledge is just in passing or derived from a deeper experience of a place).

The app also looks for answers from people who share your interests. For example, if you're looking for East Coast-style pizza, the app will look for people that like pizza, and then restaurants, then restaurants in the particular neighborhood, city and region you're asking in. Once an answerer has passed these hurdles, they will be highlighted for an answer that best matches your inquiry.

Check out LocalMind and refer it on to your clients who may be new to the areas they're looking to move to. It can help them discover insider tips that may even help them decide whether or not an area or neighborhood is a good fit for them.

LocalMind is available for free download in the iTunes App Store.