Cool Apps: Easily Find Out Where Your Twitter Followers Are Located

If you're an agent who's really putting a lot of thought and time into your social media presence and marketing, ask yourself one simple question: Do you know where your followers are? It's a valid question – especially considering your business, real estate, which after all is all about location.

That's why I like this cool little app called Tweetsmap. It analyzes the data your followers have in their bios (many will include or allude to location) and plots the information on a Google Map so you can visualize where your network is located.

To use Tweetsmap, visit and give authorization for it to access your Twitter network data. The data will very quickly begin to display on a Google Map. You can zoom in to see the locations that follow you most based on Country, State or City. You'll get percentages of where followers are most concentrated.

While this app won't change the way you use Twitter to find or consume content, it can help you determine how effective your Twitter marketing efforts have been so far. For instance, if you sell real estate in Silicon Valley, yet 80% of your followers are in other locations, it could mean one of a few things: It could mean that many of your followers are potential relocaters looking for local real estate information in anticipation of a move. Or it could mean that your efforts are not really working as you're not attracting the folks you should be – those who are in or near your area, prospects for future sales.

Twitter is constantly evolving. To use it without periodically stepping back to get a bird's eye view on what you're doing would be a vast waste of time. Tweetsmap is a free and simple way to get some simple, key data on who it is you're talking to when you share content on the social network. Following up on that data with conclusions and a change of course if needed is the next step to making your efforts work.