Cool Apps: Share Your To-Do List and Get Things Done

To-do list apps are a dime a dozen in the Android and iTunes app stores – but I've discovered one that has a particular great use in real estate transactions: Any.DO. Any.DO currently is available only for Android devices, but will soon be available for iPhone and as a Web app. What makes it unique is that it takes the to-do list and makes it social. Why would you want to share your to-do list? Because in a real estate transaction, we all must do our part to ensure things get done on time.

Many agents may already be using a transaction management system, which can offer similar features to Any.DO. But Any.DO is great at just being a social to-do list – no more, no less. It's not meant to manage the entire transaction (and frankly, shouldn't be used like that). That is its beauty. Life is a series of tasks, and this helps you cross them off your list each day.

Any.DO could work well for keeping clients on task in what they need to do, and it could also work well for agent teams who split the work on several different transactions. Teams can enjoy a simple way to divide and conquer, and always know what's been done, and what's pending.

Cool features:

  • Type or use voice recognition to dictate your tasks into Any.DO
  • Drag and drop tasks right into your agenda
  • Organize tasks by date, folder or priority
  • Sync with Google to see all of your tasks in email
  • See to-do's right from your home screen
  • Set reminders
  • Share to-do's with clients, colleagues and vendors
  • Get notified when shared tasks are updated

Any.DO is easy to use and simple because it lives right on your phone, but also syncs to your inbox if you're using Gmail. There's never an excuse for not getting things done anymore when it's all right there in your pocket – and sending you reminders of what's due.

Any.DO is available for free in the Android App Store.