Wednesday Wellness: Realize, Visualize and Achieve Your Goals

If you want something, but can’t imagine actually having it…how can you actually have it? When I work with weight loss clients and they want to lose for example 30 pounds, but can’t really imagine themselves even 5 pounds thinner, it’s often likely they will struggle in getting to their goal. Not impossible…but difficult.

If we work with fitness clients who want to run a marathon for example, but cannot envision themselves running 5 miles, it’s (pun intended) an uphill battle.

If you want to earn $1,000,000.00 this year, but have no idea how to get there and can’t visualize yourself coming up with the funds to even pay your property taxes in 6 months, chances are the bigger goal may not be attained. Again, not impossible, but certainly very challenging.

The belief system that we CAN, that we are CAPABLE, and that we can CREATE our goal is vital in order to more readily achieve our desires.

So, back to our weight loss person, if he or she can picture themselves 5 pounds thinner (I mean really hold on and believe in that picture of themselves), 10 pounds thinner and so on; then picture how they will feel when they reach their goals, the reality of the goal is much more attainable.

Realize your goals, visualize yourself achieving them, and think about how it’s going to feel when you DO achieve them; then go for it!