Cool Apps: Manage All Your Cloud Storage Accounts in One Place

Cloud storage is probably the most amazing technological advancement since the smartphone. It enables mobile professionals like real estate agents to ensure anytime anywhere access to important files, which makes the fire drill situations that can come up a lot easier to handle. But, if you're like me and using a few different cloud storage options, you may actually have created a layer of complication that no longer needs to be there. This is where Joukuu comes in. Joukuu now has a web app for accessing multiple cloud storage accounts all in one place. That means that you'll be able to manage files you have stored in Google Docs, and Dropbox in one place rather than having to chase things down under each account. (The service also has plans to support Sugarsync, Huddle and Skydrive in the near future.)

Not only does Joukuu offer easy management for yourself, but it also encourages more cloud storage collaboration among colleagues and clients because now you can use whatever system you or they prefer and still have the convenience of managing it in one spot with all your other files.

Joukuu currently offers its web app and basic Windows desktop app for free, but also has a more sophisticated version for $59.99 that enables more folder management and an unlimited number of accounts. The catch is that to be able to use it with multiple accounts (which is the whole point!), you can first try a free 14-day trial, but eventually would have to pay to upgrade.

To use Joukuu, just visit the website and join or download to get started. I suggest trying the free web version first to give it a test drive. Once you've got an account set up, you'll need to grant access to all of your cloud storage accounts. Then you'll be able to search, share files and edit them across your various accounts right from the app.

If you're not a cloud storage super-user, then Joukuu is not going to be worth your time or money. But if you find that you've got files scattered across Google Docs and a few other major services, then it's worth checking out the free trial to see whether Joukuu can help you add some order and (even more) convenience to your cloud storage.