Cool Apps: See Who You May Be Missing on Twitter

Do you often feel like you only see the same 12 or 15 people on Twitter, and never hear from the ones you really want to hear from – the visionaries you follow who are the whole reason you even read Twitter? Enter, a fun prototype app that sifts through your Twitter feed and amplifies tweets from the people who tweet less frequently and scales back those from folks who tweet incessantly.

Why does this matter? Because like any other shiny tool out there, Twitter needs some managing to be used wisely for business so that it doesn't become just another time suck that returns paltry results. A lot of apps out there can help you use Twitter as a content creator/sharer – which is also important for your business. But, is different in that it could help you better use Twitter as a content consumer, which is important too. None of us has unlimited hours in the day, and yet it's more important than ever to know what's going on in the world, what's going on in business, and what's being talked about in real estate.

How does work? Go to the app's website, and log in using your Twitter credentials. Once you're in, you'll be prompted to "flick the switch" to see at work. You'll immediately notice that some tweets are now displayed in larger fonts, while others are in near-microscopic fonts. As you scroll over people's icons, you'll also see a number, which is their "Shuush level." The lower the Shuush level, the larger the font. You now have a new lens into your Twitter stream.

Keep in mind that is a prototype app, which means it's basically just an idea that's been worked into a little piece of technology. It could be gone tomorrow, or it could be rolled in with other functionality and launched. Better to check it out sooner than later if you're curious about who you may be missing on Twitter.