Wednesday Wellness: 7 Steps to Lose Weight Fast

In my work as a nutritionist, I am often asked “what should I do to lose weight fast?” The obvious answers are:

  1. Cut out excess fat (butter, oils, nuts, fried foods, fatty meats)
  2. Eat more vegetables (all vegetables…except potatoes)
  3. Eat more fish (All fish…just don’t marinate them in batter and butter)
  4. Reduce or eliminate white flour and white sugar in most (if not all) meals
  5. Exercise more often (ideally 6x a week)
  6. Eat breakfast. Then eat every 3 hours…but only enough to satisfy you not make you full
  7. Drink lots of water (we’re talking 80 oz or more a day)

Seriously, if everyone did these 7 things, we’d be a healthier society with a lot fewer health problems. Maybe not perfect, but certainly on the right track.

It seems so simple doesn’t it? Then why is it so hard day in day out, month after month?

What I tell my clients is to try one or two things at a time. The tricky factor is, however, what might work for your coworker, best friend, partner, or even me, might not work for you. So, to complicate matters, a real assessment of what you do and don’t do has to be looked at first.

Let’s say I’m not working with you, what I would recommend you do now if so inspired, is look at the list above and take a reality check as to what you do and do NOT do on that list. Is there one thing on that list which “pops” out and you know you need to pay attention to? If so, take that one thing and “fix it.” I mean hard core, make it a habit for 2-3 weeks, then adopt another and make the 2nd a habit for 3 weeks, and so on.

Now, back to the first question, what can I do to lose weight FAST? The answer is create new habits which STICK. If you can set a new foundation of health, then you won’t need to lose the same 10 or 20 pounds over and over and in the big picture, it’s done a lot faster that way. Take 6 months to make your habit solid so that you don’t need to keep doing this for the next 10 years!

Now is the perfect time. Summer is (sadly) almost over and the Holidays are nipping at our heels, so dig in and assess your health!

Of course, if you would prefer a meticulous assessment and a coach to work with you down this ever familiar road, I know where you can find one!