Wednesday Wellness: Focus On What You Want

When we are trying to better ourselves, or at least learn something new, where do we turn for information and inspiration? Possibly a book, a CD, a mentor perhaps. This past weekend I was trying to improve technique (remember last week’s wellness?) and I found myself getting impatient, frustrated and (gasp) negative! I was thinking about the tools I have learned in my sport, the coaches’ advice and the support of my husband, yet the frustration mounted and my mind went to a down-beat spiral.

I decided to take a little alone time and work through my mindset. Again, I kept thinking of what I was doing and what I didn’t want to do any longer.

That was IT! I was thinking about what I did NOT want. I was focused on the NOT instead of what I DID want!

Words came into my head, like “strength,” “power,” “fearless,” and I quickly started to feel better.

However, there was still a little something I was disconnected from, something I still wasn’t working through, or hadn’t quite grasped. Again, I thought about all the advice I was given and then I started to realize my greatest teacher and support starts in my own mind. The words and emotions we tell ourselves are the catalyst to listening to the words others speak and the actions shown. We can be coached, loved, supported, and believed in (which is vital and necessary); however at the beginning, middle and end of the day, it’s the tiny voice in our mind which can strengthen those sentiments and words, or tear them apart.

I am writing these moments before I am about to try my sport again. I know what I want, I appreciate how I am supported and I realize what I can do, because of how I am supported and how I talk to myself.

Whatever you are moving through, however you want to get there, remember the words you tell yourself will unmistakably get you closer to or further away from what you want to achieve. Believe it; and then believe in yourself!