Wednesday Wellness: Your Diet and The Law of Attraction

The other day I was listening to the “Law of Attraction” CD, by Jerry and Esther Hicks; one that I have listened to several times. This particular one is about the law of attraction and money. Jerry and Esther Hicks use an analogy that if you put $100.00 in your pocket and walk around looking at items you can buy but don’t, by the end of the day you will have saved potentially thousands of dollars. The theory is attracting income and wealth by “vibrationally” pretending to spend.

Shortly after listening to this portion I went to Costco on a Saturday (can you picture it now) and there must have been 15-20 food sampling stands. I was amazed at how many people were standing in line waiting to fill up on empty calories! Then I thought, “What if we tallied up how many calories we would have eaten (for instance at Costco) by the end of the shopping trip and attracted actual ‘wealth and health’ by saving hundreds and possibly thousands of calories by not spending our daily calorie allowance?”

I further went on in the week to pay attention to how many times I “could have” eaten something extra and unplanned and chose not to. This showed me how many actual calories I eliminated from my diet every day.

If we pay attention to how often we pass on food options that aren’t our planned meals and/or snacks, we can become more and more aware of the weight we want to be. This attracts, or causes mindful choices, and ultimately is a key component in reaching and holding on to a healthy lifestyle.

I realize this is some heavy thinking, but take it just for a day. Take a pause each time you grab at a snack that you weren’t intending on eating, “Bank” the calories and tally up how much you’ve saved at the end of the day. You might have a nice little health fund!