Cool Apps: GroupMe Gives You Group Text, Phone Abilities

In a typical real estate deal, you're rarely dealing with just one person at a time. You've got a couple of buyers or sellers and dozens of other individuals who you need to message a lot – many times in groups or pairings. Enter GroupMe, an app that enables you to group text, conference call, share online pictures, share locations, and more. You can create groups of up to 25 people – taken from your contacts list or Facebook or Twitter accounts.

How it works: The GroupMe app creates a unique phone number for every group that's created, and automatically sends that number to every group member. Now you have a private chat room for different groups of people, for instance:

  • Your new buyer clients – husband and wife who are super busy commuters. Instant text chatting with them at the same time is an ideal method of efficient communication.
  • Your new buyers under contract – who are dealing with the drama of getting a home loan – and their loan broker.

You can basically create groups for whatever need you have. Maybe it's just one for family to get the "what's for dinner" conversation started. Maybe it's for the group of parents whose kids go to school with yours. Maybe it's all your friends who like tribute bands from the '80s.

GroupMe is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You can sign up and get more info at