Cool Apps: Never Miss a Crucial Follow-Up with

Many times in real estate sales, your livelihood depends on the follow-up. How many times have you witnessed a deal that never would've closed had you not followed up like an obsessed maniac? That's just the reality of working with transactions that involve so many hands, and so many signatures. But why risk missing that crucial follow-up that keeps your transactions moving? Persistence is an extremely powerful tool that makes things happen amazingly for your clients. And now you can trigger those follow-ups with a simple Gmail plug-in called

Sweet, how does it work?

Visit's website and sign up for the plugin. Once it's all hooked up (really, there's no wizardry beyond providing your email address, password and agreeing to a few things), the plug-in allows you to add a specific email address to an email's CC field to determine how long to wait to send a follow-up email to anyone who is copied on the email. How does that work? Well, if you want a follow-up on July 30, you'd create an address If you wanted a follow-up in one week, you'd create The app creator provides a complete list of examples here. also integrates with Google calendars and Salesforce for even more follow-up madness.

What's it cost?

You can sign up for the free option, which allows you to schedule 25 follow-up reminders per month. Paid versions range from $5 per month for 100 reminders to $15 per month for 1,000 reminders.

Don't use Gmail? Unfortunately, this week's Cool App only works for Gmail or Google Apps users. Sorry folks. I did write about an alternative app called Boomerang that offers similar functionality back in December. Boomerang works with Gmail or Outlook. Check out that Cool Apps article here.