Wednesday Wellness: Proper Body Alignment

Recently, I was having a conversation with someone about proper alignment in our body during exercise and misalignment during exercise and the possibility of injury. The conversation went deeper to alignment in our actions and if our actions are out of alignment with our belief systems about our bodies, we could cause injury to ourselves possibly in theory, or maybe in reality. For instance, if on the inside we believe we are fit and healthy, yet on the outside we have a hard time twisting, moving up a hill, getting in to an airplane seat or “hopping” out of bed, we might injure ourselves because our inner self is out of alignment with the outside body…we don’t match! Not to say that if you can’t twist well, something is wrong, but maybe it’s time to just figure out how to twist safely.

How about the inner body feels as though frequent greasy food, dehydration, lack of vegetables and excessive alcohol are just part of the day in day out regime to keep up a social life, but the outer body is putting on weight, feeling sluggish and having some indigestion and the hair and skin isn’t as bright and shiny as you like. Is that out of alignment? Again, maybe a little excess weight is ok, but you might not be feeling as vivacious as you know you are. Even a smile can create a brighter outward “you.”

Take some time today and listen to what the inner body feels, thinks and believes, then take a good look at the outer body and see if you match. If you do…beautiful! If you don’t the good news is if one doesn’t match the other, you can change it! That IS the power of our diet, exercise, mood, expressions and energy. In most cases (not all unfortunately) we have the ability to change anything we feel doesn’t reflect who we are inside.

What is your alignment say about you in this moment and what can it say about you if you “match?”