Cool Apps: Bamboo Paper Makes iPad Note-taking a Breeze

As if your non-iPad colleagues and friends didn't already have a reason to be jealous of your effortless tech lifestyle, now there's an app that makes taking notes on the iPad about as effortless as breathing. Bamboo Paper, a new app from Wacom, launched this month. If you were lucky enough to know about this app before June 30th, it was free. But after that date, you'll have to pony up a little cash.

What does it do?

Think pen and paper. Old school. You know how no technology has really given you the ability to freely jot down notes or sketches the way good old pen and paper does? Bamboo Paper does that.

You get one notebook to write or draw in and can choose from three page types, three pen widths, and six ink colors. You also get "undo" options for erasing. You can save pages to your iPad's camera roll or print them.

This app is great for an intuitive note-taking experience. It's not bloated with features or technical like the more serious drawing and sketching apps. So for that first meeting with a client when you want to simply write down a few notes about them, what they're looking for, etc., Bamboo Paper is a breeze. Or, imagine pulling out your iPad on your next inventory tour and jotting down notes while standing in front of a house.

You can use Bamboo Paper with or without a stylus. I tested it without (just using my finger), but imagine it's even more intuitive with a stylus since you're mimicking pen and paper.

Bamboo Paper is currently available in the iTunes store. You can buy a Bamboo Stylus for $30 through Wacom. More info about the stylus is on Wacom's site.