Intero Cool Apps: Get the Inside Scoop on Your Clients with Flowtown

You know those names and addresses that line the pages of your real estate email contact list? Do you know who these people really are? Have any clues about them, what they enjoy in life, where they envision themselves living? Or, when is the last time you did a quick reality check on who you think they are? Without any information (or the right information) about the folks who receive your marketing messages, your efforts are wasted dollars.

Enter Flowtown. It's a social media marketing platform that enables you to mine your current email lists and figure out where your contacts are active and engaged online. (Could this be the end of aimless Twitter and Facebook campaigns?)

The web app can help you reach your existing contacts in new ways. You'll know a bit more about them as you gain information about where they're engaged in public online networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. You can get more detailed data about what they're into.

The only thing Flowtown needs to work is an existing contact list, which hopefully you've been cultivating since the day you set foot into the real estate field.

OK, how does this thing work?

1.     Go to Flowtown's website to get started.

2.     Once you're in, hook up your contact email list.

3.     Watch as the app prepares an information sheet with data about your clients (based on their public social network activities).

4.     Mine that data for all sorts of useful information like which social networks they use most, which clients have large followings online, their occupations, interests, etc.

5.     Start thinking of how you can better target your marketing to fit your real customers.

Real estate choices are about lifestyle. It's amazing the kinds of clues you can get about a person's approach to lifestyle just by analyzing what they're doing publicly online. (I stress the word "publicly" because this activity could have a Big Brother feel to it, but no one's privacy is being compromised here because the app is using information gleaned from public sites.)

Once you know more about your clients – past, present and future – you'll be able to craft stellar marketing messages that really speak to them, not just out-of-the-box real estate marketing that every agent in town is using.

This sounds wonderful, right? But alas ... there is a catch. Flowtown is still in early stages and accepting new users only by invite. So to use the service, you have to sign up to be on the invite list and invite a few friends and colleagues along with you.

Bummer, I know. There's a tad bit of waiting involved.

But cruise on over to the website and get your name in there to test drive this thing. You may be surprised by the results!