Cool Apps: Have a Little Fun with PhotoGrid for Android

Your smartphone can make your job fun. Some of the photo apps that are available for iPhones and Androids are not only simple to use, but also a way to add a layer of creativity to the work of a real estate agent. PhotoGrid is an Android app that's currently free that allows you to take multiple pictures with your phone, edit and arrange them in a nifty-looking collage. And it's fun.

Here's a use case for your business:

Weekly broker tour You've got a couple of clients ready to find the home of their dreams. You tour the new inventory, snap a few dozen photos, arrange them together in collages by property, then email them off to the clients to give them a peek. This is a great way to show that you care, flex some digital muscle, and personalize your clients' experience with you.

Sight seeing Where's the charm hanging out in the neighborhoods where your listings are located? Is it the mural on the side of the elementary school that the kids painted? Piles of fresh baked bread in the window of a bakery? A new sculpture installed at the local park? Find it. Do a walking tour with clients or on your own and photograph what you see. Compile, share and bookmark so you can show interested buyers later.

Remember, the first question a buyer always asks is, "Can I live here?"

You can show them all the reasons just by having a little fun with your phone's camera and a free app.

To try out PhotoGrid on your Android, download it for free from the Android Market here. Keep in mind that it's still in beta and new. But try it out, have some fun and do something a little different in your real estate business this week.