Wednesday Wellness: Be the change

Today I was listening to someone’s music and a song came on I had never heard before. The main theme of the song (could be the title) was, “If you don’t like something, change your mind.”  How SIMPLE! Often, we tend to over complicate things that leave us feeling frustrated. When we try to change “it” or just continue to get frustrated, difficult times are on the horizon.

What if, rather than changing “it” or trying to change “it”, we changed our attitude about it; or rather we change our focus towards something a little easier.

Let’s say you finally threw on a pair of shorts because the temperature gauge finally reached over 65 degrees and *GASP* the shorts don’t fit! What happened? Maybe one too many coffee mochas you drank this winter to warm the body? We can focus on the tummy roll, we can convince ourselves the shorts shrunk over the winter or we can get real, laugh, reset and stop the coffee mochas until the shorts fit. If you want to change something, BE the change instead of hoping someone or something else will change! Change your mind about the resistance to whatever it is you don’t like.

How often do you find yourself wishing for a shift to happen and you just get to sit there and wait for the change? Consider this week to BE the change and change your mind so that “it” can be something you can like!