Wednesday Wellness: What they really mean...

Several clients lately have brought up how challenging it is to navigate through restaurant choices. They never know if they are choosing a 700 calorie meal or a 2,700 calorie meal. I sent this Wednesday Wellness out over a year ago, but thought I’d revive it and maybe it will help you as you get through your healthy graduation parties, your summer vacations, a business meeting, or simply a “date night!”

Here’s to a healthy and low calorie out!

STEAKHOUSE MENUS Au Gratin: Baked side dish (using potatoes, cauliflower, or another vegetable) typically made with cream or whole milk, butter, and cheese and topped with buttery bread crumbs Hollandaise: Heavy, classic French sauce made with butter and egg yolks Scalloped: Baked side dish (usually potatoes) made with heavy cream and/or whole milk Creamed: Cooked with cream (as in creamed spinach) Smothered: Usually covered in some sort of heavy sauce or gravy

ITALIAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT MENUS Parmigiana: Coated in a mixture of bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese and fried Alfredo: Heavy sauce made with butter, cream, and grated cheese Scampi: Sauce often served with shrimp or other seafood that's typically made with lots of butter Fritto (Fried): Fried in oil (*Some restaurants in all cuisines have gotten more savvy in an effort to sound healthier and now refer to deep-fried foods as "lightly fried" or "crispy" on their menus. Don't be fooled; if you have any doubts ask the waiter to explain the preparation.) Breaded: Coated with bread crumbs and then typically deep-fried in oil where it can soak up lots of calories, especially if not fried at the proper temperature Carbonara: Pasta sauce made from bacon, whole eggs, cheese, and sometimes cream

MEXICAN/TEX-MEX RESTAURANT MENUS Con Queso: Topped with cheese Refried: Fried, often in lard Deep-Fried/Crispy: Fried in oil Loaded/Supreme/Grande: Often used in reference to nachos, quesadillas, or burritos; this indicates that a dish is served with ALL the toppings, including cheese, sour cream, refried beans, and sometimes meat Chimichanga: Burrito stuffed with meat and fillings, then deep-fried

CHINESE TAKEOUT MENUS Egg Rolls: Vegetables and meats wrapped in dough and deep-fried in oil Fried: Fried rice, dumplings, meats, seafood, and more soak up excess oil which adds more calories to your plate Chow: "Chow" indicates that a dish has been stir-fried, typically in liberal amounts of oil; chow mein and chow fun (or chow foon) are both dishes made with pan-fried noodles Egg Foo Young: Egg dish (similar to an omelet) made with whole eggs, pan-fried, and usually smothered in salty brown gravy Sweet and Sour: A sugary, syrupy sauce that's very calorie-dense General Tso: Bits of meat (most commonly chicken) are coated in an egg and cornstarch mixture, deep-fried, and mixed with vegetables in a high-salt sauce