Cool Apps: Escape Unimportant Email Interruptions

If you're like most of us, crippling under the weight of email every day, feeling like it's its own job in addition to all the other important things we need to do, I've got something for you. Welcome to email nirvana. Welcome to AwayFind, one of those apps that offers a solution for pretty much everyone with inbox ailments. It's an email alerts service that helps you deal with the information overload that has become daily life.

AwayFind gives you full control. You designate which messages are important by setting up filters to identify which messages rank high. For ex., you could say that messages from Client A and Client B, those containing the word "urgent" or "response needed" in the subject line, messages from a team leader, etc., need to be filtered into an urgent file.

Then what? Well, you specify what actions the app should take to alert you. For instance, you can get an instant message, Twitter message, text message, phone call or an email message at another address.

AwayFind offers a free 30-day trial to new users. It also has a basic free version for those on Gmail or IMAP accounts. The free version is only available for one email address and has other restrictions that you can see in the chart here.

AwayFind also has a companion app for iPhones and Androids.

Set up is easy and there is an online forum for free users to get support and troubleshooting tips.

Imagine reducing your email by 75%, while still getting done what needs to get done. Imagine wielding power over the distraction that email has become for many of us. You get the messages that matter instantly, but don't have to be sidetracked multiple times a day over something like a friend saying "hi" on your Facebook wall.

Imagine checking your email only twice a day, yet still being on top of your transactions and able to answer every question your latest client has in a timely, professional manner. Yeah, that's email nirvana!