Thoughts on Leadership: Why Follow Moses?

Any company can be worth working for and leading, but it must have a sense of purpose, strong values and a mission. In short, your company needs a positive faith and a strong belief system. Creating that positive loyalty is about understanding your followers, making sure they have many shared experiences (success and failures), and helping them to develop some shared beliefs and values.

The biblical story of Moses explains how we can learn a lot about leadership from the epic journeys in myth and literature, and from the way in which successful convictions have been formed. Moses' story combines both strands: epic journey and successful new devotion.

In the book, "Moses on Leadership or Why Everyone is a Leader," author Richard Koch shares insights into leadership that have been tested against one of the great stories of leadership – Moses and the Israelites.

Koch takes you on a journey of personal and corporate discovery and rediscovery. He weaves into his inspiring vision of corporate purpose the story of Moses who led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt and across the Red Sea. Moses went on to Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments and then on to the final journey to the Promised Land. Each step of Moses’ journey becomes a metaphor and inspiration for corporate change and for the brave visionaries who will lead that change.

The Moses story is also much more than a test of ideas about leadership. It helps us see what leadership really is – a process of giving direction and creating followers. It also shows us that leadership is not that difficult. You have to know where you are headed, have some beliefs and values that will be attractive to your followers, and have good timing.

With these ingredients, you can be a great leader. The task you face is not simple, but it is not advanced calculus either. You need to take your sense of direction, your beliefs and values and your judgment and do three things:

1.    Start with a cause To lead well, you must excite. It requires a cause that gets people to want change to happen.

2.    Find a positive belief system Convert your early followers into supporters. This requires creating a successful faith.

3.    Have good timing You can have the best ideas, the best product, the best procedures, the best followers, the best organizations, the best contacts. But if you don’t have good timing, your leadership will be fatally flawed.

"Moses on Leadership" draws surprising parallels between the world of Moses and our own. This book does more than tell stories; it explains in detail how to create the organization you want – an organization that inspires those whose lives it touches.