Wednesday Wellness: Support System

Have you ever tried to start an intense workout program, maybe lose some weight or try to embark on a major project only to get 80% of the way to your goal and realize it’s much harder than you anticipated so you give up? I see people in the fitness field who embark on weight loss programs who want and need to lose 50, 75, 100 even 150 pounds. The thought of reaching the end goal can be more overwhelming than many of us imagine. Yet, I do see many succeed! I also see many give up. What is it that propels one person to persevere while others can’t seem to get over the hump?

I’ve given this a lot of thought lately and there are a number of factors. The first which comes to mind is desire - true grit desire. The person who, beyond all other obstacles wants it badly. When the obstacles arise, however, desire can take a back seat to frustration. So, then what? I notice community plays a role here. The person with desire leans on a support system of friends, coaches, teachers, leaders, books, and any other form of support. I see one person who can kick, scream, cry and LEAN on a support group to pull them through those dark times. This is their community.

You see, when we are trying to reach these goals (business, health, family) so many of us give up 80% of the way and are SO close, but that last 20% is the steepest mountain to climb. We feel we can’t go any further and no one can help us so we slide back down the hill, only in future months or years, look back up the hill and realize we need to climb it again. At this point, it might be an even steeper peak.

If this rings a bell to you, look at your desire, your grit, your sheer will, then look around and get a reality check on not doing this alone. Be vulnerable, be open, and let others know you need help. Don’t we ALL need help through life? Reach out to your support group and lean on those when you need to climb the last 20%. Your goals are valuable and your community wants to see you succeed. Once you reach the peak, the rest is a nice glide downhill and worth its weight (pun intended) in gold.