Wedneday Wellness: Feeling Tried?

Lately I have been hearing a lot of “tiring” stories. I don’t mean this as, “I am so bored with this subject” stories, but rather, a lot of folks out there are really tired! The first and most obvious question I ask is, “Are you getting enough rest?” Beyond this, however, there are some indicators we all want to look at in one’s diet. Are you eating food which is really hard to digest? Our bodies need to work very hard to break down red meat, pork, fats (saturated) and dense foods like nuts (in large amounts) and cheese. Take a look at what you are eating and imagine your body breaking down this food. Does your metabolism have to work overtime just to get that slice of ham from your mouth to your stomach? How hard does your body have to work to utilize and process this food?

Are you drinking pure water, or water which has lots of chemicals in it?

Are you eating and drinking your vitamins, or do you depend on a pill to do the work? The purer the food (vegetables and fruit) the easier it is for our bodies to take in the nutrients and use these nutrients to give our mind and body energy.

Are you getting in enough B-Complex? When we aren’t getting in enough B vitamins, the carbohydrates we do eat sometimes cannot be utilized to its full potential. Having a good source of B complex like bee pollen or time released B complex vitamins are essential to our energy systems.

Do you drink vegetable juice, like wheat grass or beet juice? One of the best sources of “clean” fuel isn’t for your car, but for your body, and this comes in the form of vegetables and phytonutrients blended and drank!

Next time you feel you are sluggish and sleepy, take a look first at your sleep patterns, then start checking the above! You could be missing some vital information in order to ramp up your own gas tank!