Cool Apps: Spice up your farming practice with

Bring your neighborhood farming techniques online and add a little twist with a new app called Farming is one of the oldest marketing mechanisms in real estate. And for good reason: It works. Real estate is local, and who better to do business with than the agent who knows the community. But everyone does the old postcard or personal letters with their picture on it song and dance. Why not do something different?

This is how I see being applied to real estate. Those of you who are blogging about local events, happenings, places of interest and distinction can use to add a little zest to your posts and spark some interaction with your readers – people who most likely share your passion for the neighborhood.

How does it work? It's stone cold simple. Go to's website and click on "Start a List Now," then either sign in using Facebook or Twitter. The whole point of these lists is to get your networks involved so you definitely want to use one of your social networks to connect.

Then you begin your list. Some ideas here: "Top 10 Things to Do in My Neighborhood in Spring," "Top Neighborhood or City Landmarks," "Best Ways to Find Your Dream Home in (Your City Here)," "Best Sources for Local Real Estate News," etc.

You can create a full list or just start one and invite your network to comment, thumbs up or down and add their own items. When done, don't forget to share it with your Facebook and/or Twitter networks.

The idea is to have fun and try something you think will incite passion and opinion from your social networks. Remember: Participating in social media for your business isn't about just slapping your picture and business card on Facebook or Twitter and self-promoting. You have a real opportunity to engage people and make them remember you. is a cool free app that can help you mix it up with your Facebook and Twitter marketing.