Cool Apps: Faxing for the 21st Century

We try to be forward-thinking in our business. We try to embrace the future, embrace change. But some pieces of the past just keep hanging on. I'm talking about faxes. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses out there are still using fax machines to move documents around. Often, we get caught up in this too because a vendor or client may only accept faxes and we need to keep things moving.

Well, say hello to your saving grace – HelloFax.

HelloFax is a web-based service that lets you keep your forward-thinking mojo while also enabling you to deal with relics from the past like faxes. Sure, the idea of online faxing has been around for years, but HelloFax is stupid simple.

How it works: After creating an account at HelloFax's website, you simply upload a document and either fax it to a number or email it as an attachment.

If you need to sign a document before faxing it, you can do so with HelloFax, using your mouse or track pad. You can even save your signature and use it again and again in future documents.

Also, when you sign up for one of the paid plans you get your own fax number. So you can live a two-way non-faxing faxing lifestyle.

HelloFax offers a few tiers of monthly pricing, ranging from $5 a month to $40 a month for supersavers. But you can also test out the service for free or for those who are lighter on faxing, you can send 5 free faxes each month, then choose to pay $2 per fax after that.

Look, I know you're too cool for faxing, but much of the business world is still using these machines – especially in real estate transactions. This service is worth testing out if you never want to hear that horrible fax dial-up sound again.