Thoughts on Leadership: Leaders Continue to Give Back

Today business is about more than just making products or money. It's about making a difference. Leaders all around the U.S. who serve our communities have been recognized as givers and encourage individuals of all financial means and backgrounds to give back. We are continuously inspired by the example set by these leaders who give generously to make the world a better place. Bill Gates, who is one of the world’s most admired technologist and philanthropist, asked local leaders a few weeks back to consider this very concept and follow his latest pursuit of giving back.

At this private reception, Gates and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith asked more than 100 local business leaders, mostly from the tech industry, to use their businesses as a way to donate to their community and positively impact others but to also improve their personal and professional career as well.

This has been the mission of Intero from day one; to parlay the profits we earn from our core services of helping people buy and sell homes as well as providing mortgages and insurance to fuel a culture and create an atmosphere that inspires our people to continuously grow personally and professionally.

A center point of our philosophy is the Intero Foundation that subscribes to the universal law that you "must give in order to receive."  For us, that also translates to contributing to the local communities where we live and do business.

One of our core values is commitment, and we therefore take great pride in belonging to a company in which everyone is encouraged to donate to the Intero Foundation. We earn our living by serving our community and this gives us an opportunity to give back to them.

As a company and as individuals participating in the Intero Foundation, we believe in the importance of giving back to our communities. It also serves as a foundation of leadership. As Winston Churchill explains, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Helping others reach for a new day rejuvenates us in many ways.

As we give without expecting to receive - be amazed how the universe will reward your generosity.