Wednesday Wellness:24 hours of being dead

The other day I read a joke where the Doctor was asking his patient, “What works best in your schedule: 1 hour of exercise a day or 24 hours of being dead?” I laughed, but what a powerful statement and one that really isn’t that funny! We all have this option, but we fool ourselves into thinking it won’t happen to us. There are thousands of studies about the importance of exercise and increasing the quality and longevity of life…yet so many of us choose to believe it’s not that important!

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a minimum of 30 minutes (vigorous) exercise 5 days a week. Nearly 70 % of American’s don’t get this in! That is tragic!

If there was a way you could carve out even 30 minute of light exercise, you’d be ahead of most of the nation! Not only will you create a healthier body, but a healthier state of mind!

I know it’s hard and I know our days are already so crammed packed. But let me ask you: What you have time for, exercise several times a week, or 24 hours of…well, you know…