Cool Apps: Get Custom Social Media Reports with HootSuite Social Analytics

You don't know what you can't measure. If you're dabbling in social media marketing for your real estate business and not measuring your efforts to draw some conclusions, then you might as well be shouting from a mountain top. You have no idea who's heard you or who you are influencing with your shouts. Now there's a great "all in one" kind of tool to help with measuring your social campaigns. HootSuite recently launched HootSuite Social Analytics to give you real-time views into your social efforts.

HootSuite itself is a social media dashboard that enables you to organize your social media efforts. You can monitor your brand, schedule tweets for specific days and times, assign tasks to team members, update multiple networks at once, and more.

With HootSuite Social Analytics you get deep analytics, enabling you to:

·         Track follower growth for each social profile. ·         Monitor the use of brand keywords. ·         Measure social reach. ·         Get a Twitter account summary.

Choose from more than 30 individual report modules to get your own custom social media report. Then share it with your team if you're working on a team campaign.

HootSuite offers a free 30-day trial of HootSuite Pro, which gives you access to all the new analytics features. After that, it costs $5.99 per month, which gives you the ability to create one custom report of your choice.

Aside from access to the analytics, HootSuite Pro also offers a number of other features you wouldn't get from the free account. These include Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Unlimited stats, custom URL parameters, Klout influence scores, Social Insights access, and batch message scheduling. You can read more about what the Pro plan offers on the HootSuite site.

Add some zing to your social media efforts with HootSuite and HootSuite's Social Analytics. The ease and insight will provide great value to your social campaigns, sending you on your way to social rock star status.