Intero Cool Apps: Business Contacts, Rock-Star Style

Being busy is good, but it can quickly go awry as all other things in your life get tossed aside. Two of the first physical pieces of evidence here are business cards and business receipts. Who among us hasn't simply tossed these items into a jacket or pants pocket, laptop bag or backseat? Then they become lost at sea. Now with new services like CardMunch you can nip this behavior in the bud and become the world's most organized Realtor when it comes to managing contacts. You'll be the envy of all your peers. How does she manage to have so many contacts all at her fingertips?

CardMunch was recently acquired by LinkedIn, which makes it even more interesting. One can only assume there could be more synergies between the two applications down the road.

In fact, the first cool feature to come out of the acquisition is that CardMunch is now free!

CardMunch is a mobile app that works only with iPhone right now. (Sorry Android and Blackberry users!)

How it works:  You download the app from the iTunes store, then snap photos of business cards using your phone's camera. The images are then reviewed and transcribed by actual humans (I know, right?), and the information is sent back to your phone and stored as contacts within minutes.


Some other cool features of this app include:

  • A rolodex-style way of flipping through your new business contacts.
  • One-tap LinkedIn invites: After a new business contact comes back to your phone via CardMunch, you have the option to click one button to request your connection to them on LinkedIn.
  • You get to choose which address book you want to store your contacts in:  the one native to your iPhone, the one provided with the CardMunch app, or both.
  • Back up: CardMunch synchs all your contact data to your account. What a lifesaver that could be should you happen to lose your phone before you've had a chance to synch new data.

Give it a test drive if you're an iPhone user. If you're on Android, you could give CamCard a try (though it's not free). I would hang on though, as the app market moves pretty fast and I can't imagine CardMunch is not already developing apps for other devices.