Cool Apps: Just How Far Did that Tweet Travel?

Sometime last year, a lot of folks testing the social media waters caught on to the fact that the number of your Twitter followers doesn't mean squat. Why? Because you could have 1,000 followers – 600 of whom are spammers or folks who abandoned Twitter shortly after signing up.  Now we know better. Now we understand that it's not about quantity; it's about quality. And more importantly, it's about conversation. Who are your followers? Do they listen to what you say? Are they influenced by what you say? Do they engage with you and your brand on any level? Are they talking about the same things you are? Do they see value in what you have to offer?   These are the real questions to ask yourself of your Twitter efforts.   OK, I'm asking the questions but how do I answer?   Here's a nifty app that can help with part of this analysis: TweetReach.   TweetReach offers some great insight about how far your tweet on a certain topic traveled through the network. You can also do some pretty good research about particular topics and hashtags to see who's listening.   How it works: You simply paste your tweet, brand name, or hashtag in the TweetReach engine it tells you the number of unique users that saw a tweet about your topic.   The tool can be used to: 

  • Figure out whether your hashtags are right. (For example, you may be using #sfrealestate to tag tweets that are perhaps better tagged as #sfhousing.)
  • See how many people your tweet reached.
  • See what specific phrases people are paying attention to and strategize some of your Twitter content accordingly.
  • Monitor your brand.  (Note: If you're doing serious brand monitoring for your company, then you'll probably want to check out TweetReach's Pro Subscription offer.)

To do this year: Stop measuring social media impact by the number of followers; instead measure the impact of your social media conversations. TweetReach is a start.