Cool Apps: Get Help Managing Facebook Content with RSS Graffiti

If you find yourself constantly thinking, one of these days I'm going to get it together with my Facebook presence, and never do for lack of time, then I suggest checking out RSS Graffiti, an app that can serve as your personal assistant for Facebook content. All the real estate coaches and gurus will tell you that Facebook is worth your time, that you must be there or be obsolete. But let's be real: Isn't your time better spent selling real estate? Showing houses, signing contracts, keeping your clients happy?

RSS Graffiti offers a number of creative uses for real estate agents. It may take you some time to set up, but you can really start to test and tweak your approach without spending a lot of time on it every day.

Who is it for? Any of you who are managing more than one Facebook page (e.g., your personal page, your business page, or even groups that you belong to or administer). Basically, what this app does is allow you to pull in RSS feeds and direct them to either all your pages or just to specific ones. You can choose exactly what shows up where and how often.

Let me stress this first: RSS Graffiti will take some work to set up. But once you're there, it's all automated. Then you can test, learn, tweak and succeed!

To get started, visit the RSS Graffiti website and click on "Get it Here." Follow the instructions through until you've got it plugged into your Facebook account.

Now, here's my suggestion for one creative way to use this app as a real estate agent:

  • First, if you don't already have a Facebook Page set up for your real estate business, then you absolutely must do this. Then invite folks to "like" this page so that they can see your real estate content. Make it clear in your invitation that this page will be where you share all things real estate: local market reports, blog commentary, news, etc. Don't make it about you – make it about real estate.
  • Second, pull a custom RSS feed from your feed reader (Google Reader, for example) where you know all the items are real estate-related. One tip for doing this well is to simply "star" individual items that you read in your feed each day, and then use the "starred items" RSS feed for sending over to your Facebook Page via RSS Graffiti.
  • Lastly, don't forget to drop on by your Facebook page to make sure things are showing up the way you want them to. And if not, then go back to the app and make some adjustments.

That's just one way I can think of to use this app to cultivate your real estate communities online. Of course, you can also simply pull an RSS feed from your Twitter account or blog – but you'll want to make sure that every post is on point for your local real estate Facebook page.

Now go graffiti!