Wednesday Wellness: You are strong!

A few of us at Body Firm cycle with a great group anywhere from 10-25 riders Saturday mornings. We are ramping up for the Century Ride around Lake Tahoe in June. We have committed to start training around the 8:30 am hour so those who have families can train, and then spend time with their children later in the day. Well…that’s all well and good in the spring and summer, but this past Saturday the weather forecast was calling for possible SNOW!

Now, I am not best known as a “morning person” and even worse, I am well known for disliking (putting it mildly) cold weather. Here we are, double whammy. I was hoping secretly it would be pouring rain Saturday morning so the ride would be called off!

Well, sure enough, we woke up early and with frost on the ground, the sun was shining brightly to say, come on Tammy, time to ride! So, I layered 8 pieces of clothing (just enough to barely move) and was ready to go at 8:30…with 35 degrees showing on my car temperature gauge. I seriously lost a little sleep worrying I would freeze to death on this ride!

We all got on our bikes, everyone’s fingers froze for the first hour or so, but something pretty cool happened. I had a great time! Everyone had a great time! As a team, we were all cold, but we proved to ourselves we could do it! I can’t believe I am admitting this…but I am HAPPY I did it! Not just for the ride, or the camaraderie (although that in itself is very special), but because I proved to myself I can endure something for a short amount of time and come out on the other side with a smile.

You see, too often, we give up too early because we think it’s too hard. Maybe it is, but maybe trying something a little beyond our comfort zones helps us to broaden our boundaries and teach ourselves we are stronger than we believe.