Cool Apps: GoAruna offers a cloud-storage option from any mobile device

Looking for a cloud-based file-storing system that you can easily manage from your mobile phone? Look no further than GoAruna. GoAruna is similar to Dropbox in that it allows you to store files "in the cloud" (aka, a secure location on the web), share and access them from anywhere with Internet connection.

Why would you need this? As highly mobile professionals, real estate agents should be utilizing cloud storage more than anyone. Cloud storage is not only the most secure way to back up files (i.e., no more losing your data in a computer hard drive meltdown or missing thumb drive), it's also the best way to keep the working files you may need at any moment anywhere right at your fingertips.

More about GoAruna:

  • You can securely share files with anyone you choose, or allow others to share files with you.
  • On-the-go access to your files from just about any mobile device: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian.
  • Multi-platform: seamlessly move from mobile phone to web client to native desktop apps to widgets. Pick your poison.
  • The native desktop app works with PC, Mac or Linux.
  • Send large files quickly
  • Security for your files. In other words, you won't lose them when your computer malfunctions, your laptop is stolen or your property is destroyed in an accident of some kind.

If you don't already have a cloud storage system that you're happy with, then test-drive GoAruna. If you're still sitting on a bunch of hard drives – or worse, CDs – with valuable information and contacts on them, you should definitely consider opening a cloud storage account of some kind. They're not only free, they're downright essential to protecting your data from destruction, theft or just ordinary misplacement.

And the next time you're on the road all day showing houses and meeting clients, you can easily pull up whatever documents you need right from your smart phone.