Create a little chaos

At Body Firm we work with many who are looking to lose weight, eat healthy, lose fat, gain muscle and in general feel awesome! Often when someone starts a new health or workout program, our bodies respond fairly quickly…at first. Then all of a sudden they hit a “plateau” which can cause frustration and decreased motivation.

This happens outside the gym too! We gain momentum, get detoured and our attention shifts elsewhere, leading us to disappointment.

As my trainers and I can attest, this is when it’s time to mix things up! I see food diaries all the time and the client is doing great, their bodies have just gotten used to the same foods and the same movements.

If this happens to you, in fitness AND in life, consider a different routine. Do things your body and mind aren’t used to! Try foods you haven’t had for a while. Get out of your normal habits and step out of the boundaries!

I have one client who takes belly dancing, another who just started running and conversely another who is only lifting heavy weights for the next few months!

Not only will different movements create a little “chaos” in your body, your mind will be challenged as well.

Consider trying this if you are in a plateau in your body or your mind!