Wednesday Wellness: The decision is yours

Have you ever driven around on a Saturday or Sunday morning and noticed groups of folks lined up in front of a coffee shop, a line out the door at a favorite breakfast café, maybe groups of runners stretching by a popular trail or cyclists riding a route in a group anywhere from 2 people up to 20? What do they all have in common? They all got up and made a decision on how to spend their morning. The decision to do something is a common thread, however where one might choose to hike a mountain at 9 am, another might be ordering waffles with butter and syrup accompanied with a side of sausage.

You see, we all wake up (or hope we do!) and at that pivotal moment, we decide how we want to spend our morning. Most likely by noon, that decision has been spent and we then create another series of decisions. Will we do something healthy, or something that could potentially harm us in the long run?

This morning is yours, this evening is yours. Which way will you choose to spend it?