Cool Apps: Offers a Searchable Place to Store Shared Links

By now, you're an online social maven – sharing links every week with your hundreds of followers on everything from simple repairs that can increase your home's value to local economic reports and citywide home sales. But do you ever find that sometimes you want to go back and look at a link you shared a few weeks ago? If you're pretty active on your networks, you know what a joke that can be to find these things. Enter, a service that automatically collects the links you and your friends share online and makes them searchable. Voila. You've found the missing link!

Meh. Do I really need that, you might ask? I can actually think of a couple of reasons why this free app is definitely worth checking out:

1.     The most well known bookmarking site, Delicious, is in danger of soon becoming extinct. While rumors of Delicious shutting down swirled about last month, its parent company Yahoo has chimed in to say it changed its mind. However, big troubles loom at Yahoo and many Delicious fans out there are migrating to alternative services before it's too late. If you're looking for a place to move all your links to, has an import option for pulling in data from Delicious.

2.     A real estate agent's job comes down to one word: service. What exactly "service" means can vary from agent to agent and client to client. One thing that is sure in today's digital age is that customers value the information you provide as part of the overall service as much as – if not more than – the actual sales part of your job. Providing good information can help you stand out and build trust with consumers. A service like enables you to keep your efforts cataloged in an easy-to-access spot. Those extra little touches are the kinds of things that help define your reputation and personal brand. is useful for those of you who share a lot of links and on more than one platform like Twitter, Facebook and others. You can import and export data and the search is simple to use.

If you're not much of a link sharer, then this service probably won't do much for you. But I'd ask you to think about trying this tactic more in 2011. Make it a year for testing your "information provider" role in real estate. See what kind of farming you can do this year online.