Wednesday Wellness: One week at a time

Have you ever tried to tackle a new project, making a list of 150 to do’s then deciding you will do 10 a day. 10 a day is no big deal right? Then you fizzle a little and try 10 a week. Can you feel it, that overwhelmed emotion? Maybe 10 a day was a little ambitious? Since we work with fitness and nutrition habits we understand the overwhelming desire to tackle all the unhealthy routines which have accumulated over the years. We know our clients are driven to be fit and healthy, once and for all!

The key here, however, is to realize it took years to build up these behaviors and it might take a while to replace them with new healthier and supportive habits.

Try to tackle 1-3 a week. For some, 1 is enough! Just inching your way to getting something old out and something new in, a day at a time a week at a time is powerful!

For instance, you could:

Ø      Replace your evening snack with an apple for one week Ø      Take stairs every time you can vs. the elevator Ø      Get to your workout 10 min earlier and walk on the treadmill Ø      Replace the creamer in your coffee with nonfat milk

Give this a try! See how you feel after a week and decide if you want to try it for one more week then maybe add a second new behavior…one week at a time!