Wednesday Wellness: Making life happen

This past weekend I was riding my road bike with a couple of friends, going up a few pretty good hills, and one of my friends remarked, “why is it the ride up a hill seems to take forever, but the ride back down only takes a moment?” I started thinking that this is a metaphor for many things in our lives. How often do we tackle a “hill” (problem, challenge, goal) and in our work to get to the top, we scratch and crawl our way up, only to zoom down. Do we take the time to hang out at the top and savor the moment? When cruising down, do we rush to get to the next hill, or do we take our time and notice what is around us, feeling how good the hard work of climbing feels?

Now that we are all working to achieve our New Year’s goals, intentions, or resolutions; consider savoring the “ride" up; the adrenaline in our bodies or the mental focus of our attention. After you achieve your intention, take the time to truly acknowledge what you have accomplished, and then enjoy the thrill of knowing, hill by hill, that you are making your life happen.