Cool Apps: Get Panoramic Neighborhood Photos in 20 Seconds

Photos are the most powerful tool in real estate sales. It used to cost a fortune to get high-grade photos that captured the true beauty of a place. But now all you need is a few dollars and an iPhone. 360 Panorama is an iPhone and iPod Touch app from Occipital that enables you to capture in 360 degrees: a room, a street, a market, a park, a view. Using brilliant photos of the spaces you sell will help sell them faster. It's proven. For $1.99, this app can get you there.

In three basic steps, you have a high-quality panoramic photo that you can instantly share through email or Twitter. Just download the app and launch it on your iPhone or iPod Touch, tap the screen to begin recording and then pivot around your desired point to capture. Then in seconds, you get your final image – no need to wait for stitching to happen like with most other panoramic programs.

Imagine sending out photos like this when your new listing goes on the market. Or sending a quick email to a client about a house you just saw.

Check out the demo video right at the front of the 360 Panorama website to see just how simple it is to use.

How it works: The program uses your phone's video camera so you will need an iPhone version 3GS or iPhone 4 to use it. It tends to work better with outside spaces, but for two bucks the quality of inside spaces is pretty good too.

Like with other iPhone photo apps (see Instagram), I think this is a great app for spontaneous neighborhood shots and points of interest for clients who follow you on social networks or whom you know are trying to decide where to live. It's a fun and easy way to help sell a neighborhood.