Wednesday Wellness: Revamp your health

There’s no time like January to revamp your health and nutrition. It’s just a natural fit after a month or two of cheese, wine, fudge, red meat, dips, cookies…shall I go on? When you revamp, however, my suggestion is to claim “intentions” or “goals” of how you want to live your life, rather than go on an extreme detox or cleanse which will only last you a few days until you have so completely confused your metabolism, it won’t know how to function properly when you do add in the real food again.

Consider taking your intentions week to week or season to season. This helps you create new habits rather than yo yo dieting for a week or two until you give up. Consider creating your intention about a new habit you intend on sustaining for a length of time to where it becomes natural. Here are some suggestions I’ll pass on that a few of my clients have planned on initiating:

  • Exercising 5 days in a row for 3 months (5 days on…2 days off)
  • Trying a new, FUN, workout each month
  • Adding in fish to their diet 3x a week
  • Eliminating red meat, except for special occasions
  • Adding in more antioxidants (blueberries, red cabbage, red grapes, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, sweet potatoes) daily…committing to at least 2 a day (think colorful)
  • Having one cup of coffee a day, no more caffeine than that
  • Drinking one more glass of water each day than usual (and doing this before noon)
  • Replacing processed creamers with Almond or Rice milk
  • Having one sweet treat a day (calories no more than 100 kcal)
  • Having breakfast within an hour and a half after waking
  • Adding in super greens daily
  • Reduce TV watching and replace the time spent with family, friends or exercise
  • Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier

I could go on; but each one of us has little areas that we would love to tweak to make our lives happier and healthier! If you have one you’d like to try do it for at least a month, see how the 21 day rule works in your life and share it with a friend, or even me! I’d love to hear what’s inspiring you!

Healthy NEW YEAR! 2011 is going to be a great one!!