Cool Apps: Top 10 Cool Apps of 2010

The Intero Cool Apps feature has offered up a neat little app each week that we find useful for real estate professionals. Here's a recap of the best 10 of the year:  LastPass:  It seems like every site or app you use these days requires a login and password. Make your password management more secure and easier to remember with LastPass. READ MORE   Rondee:  Take the pain out of meeting scheduling with Rondee. READ MORE Bundle:  Increase your value-add online by bundling up useful links on a single topic and sending one, concise shortened URL out to your network. READ MORE   DropBox:  Back up important files or even share them with select people – all in a secure and easily reached place. Free! READ MORE   Instagram:  Take your neighborhood farming techniques to a groovy level with Instagram. Use your phone's camera, add some filters for flare and show off your neighborhood character. READ MORE   Genius Scan:  Scan documents in the palm of your hand. Don't let paper or fax machines or any other ugly antiquated communication devices slow down your transactions! READ MORE   Rapportive:  This app adds a serious layer of intelligence to your inbox. Get immediate access to the sender's social networks and important contact info. READ MORE   StatCounter:  Get great insight on your website visitors. What keywords do they use to land on your site? What pages are most popular? How do visitors navigate through your site? The answers to these questions and more are what help you make changes that matter and help increase your conversion rates. READ MORE   Klout:  Spending time on Twitter but not sure where it's getting you or what it means? Klout offers a cool analysis to show you how your efforts stack up, how influential you are, and to whom. READ MORE   Boomerang:  You might not admit it, but email often rules your life and if not handled right it can seriously mess things up. Never miss a follow-up opportunity or be unprepared for a meeting again with Boomerang! READ MORE   There you have it! We hope you've enjoyed Cool Apps this year and will continue to follow us for more great technology reviews in 2011.   Happy New Year!