Thoughts on Leadership: The Top Five Thoughts on Leadership of 2010

Want to check out the best-of-the-best in the world of Thoughts on Leadership during 2010? The following list is the top five blogs viewed and commented on in 2010. Each helps people find not only the best leadership advice being put out today, but also gives you the tools and confidence to help bring out the leader in you.

  1. The 10 qualities of a true leader How do you know if you have a strong enough desire to be a leader? Follow all the essential traits to be a true leader and with that enthusiasm to work hard, your progress toward leadership will accelerate. Read More  
  2. Embrace a positive attitude for success Your attitude may play a bigger role in your life than you may think. It is up to you on how you want to use it to achieve success. Maintain a positive attitude and you'll be surprised on how your life will change and how quickly you will climb the success ladder. Read More  
  3. The 93% Rule: Nonverbal Communication Do you ever stop and think how your words may articulate one thing, but your nonverbal gesture can mean something completely different. Nonverbal communication, believe it or not, makes up the majority of our daily communication. So next time you are interacting with one person or a group of people, remember that your nonverbal expressions can reveal your true feelings about something. Read More  
  4. The Golden Rule for Leaders All you have to do, really, is think of how you would like to be treated in any given situation, and then act accordingly. Apply the Golden Rule to your everyday behavior and you are sure to succeed. Read More  
  5. Leaders Make Energy and Passion Contagious Do you want to show your energy and passion more at work? Then read more about Southwest Airlines’ founder, Herb Kelleher. He followed the footsteps of GE'S Chairman Jack Welch. They both loved what they did and not only inspired themselves but all the employees around them to create a lively organization. Perhaps if you pursue these gentlemen’s management rulebook, you too can catch this passion and energy. Read More

If you embrace the principal, that each of you can be a leader, you will find within yourself a greater desire to succeed and to perform at a higher level because you represent something larger than yourself. My hope is that each of you has your most successful year ever in 2011. Strive to make it so and recognize yourself as a leader in this company; a company of leaders.

Happy New Year and see you at the top!