Wednesday Wellness: Calories on Credit?

The other day I was listening to the news reporting on consumer spending during the holidays. Retailers seem to be booming with business this year! I’m curious, though if the average consumer pays for their gifts with credit or cash. You see, with credit, many will over spend then take the next several months, leaning up to pay off their debt, often paying higher interest rates and taking up to half the year to chip away at their over spending. I’m sure I’m not writing anything you haven’t already thought about or possibly even experienced. This, however, also got me thinking about over eating during the holidays. Do we spend the next 6 months scrambling to lose the 5-10 pounds we carelessly put on during the season? Are we spending our calories on credit? The “interest” which incurs with over indulging can cost us more than money; it can cost us our short term and long term health. Do we really want to take months chipping away at pounds we’ve put on due to the mindless nibbles of sugar cookies, Sees candies, decadent cocktails and cheeses?

Try and look at the holiday season’s food choices like that of the choices in the malls and the internet specials. Is it really something you need or are you simply caught up in the hype of the day and pretend if you have it now, some how magically you’ll burn it off (or pay it off) in 2011.

Something to think about!

Happy and Healthy Holidays!