Wednesday Wellness: Change is Life

Have you ever unexpectedly had life hit you upside the head and all of a sudden, everything has changed? Quite possibly, a change which you didn’t see coming, a change you didn’t want, expect and were quite upset about? When this happens, we (most of us, but not all of us) dwell in a state of unacceptance and frustration. All we want is what we had, the way it used to be. We look back at “before” and everything seemed perfect once we look in a review mirror of what we no longer have. Isn’t it funny how life works that way?

Have you ever thought there’s actually a boring aspect of a life that never changes? We wouldn’t grow, get inspired, inspire others, reach new potentials, and learn.

I realize not every change is good, however if you look for it, even the worst change can bring you new perspectives to help you become more brilliant. The key, of course, is to seek it out and be open to what is ahead instead of what is behind us.

Whatever might ring true to you, look at a change you are either going through or recently went through, and shift your perspective and see what change can bring you instead of what you have left behind.