Cool Apps - Laytr Sends Follow-up Reminders to Your Inbox

Do you live in your inbox? You've tried all the task managers and reminder apps we've reviewed here and you just can't bring yourself to make them a habit. Yet that old inbox has your attention for hours each day. If this is you, then Laytr is an email app worth checking out. Don't miss following up on important client emails just because you were busy when you received them. Laytr lets you send messages to your future self – at your chosen date and time.

How it works: Say you get an email you want to follow-up on next Monday. You can forward the email to or any other keyword that denotes a day in the future. For instance, that keyword could be a date like "15" ( for the 15th of the month or could even be "tomorrow," "nextweek," etc. The folks at Laytr have compiled a list of keywords to use at this link.

You can add more recipients to your email messages too by adding their addresses in parentheses in the subject line.

You do all of this right from your inbox after you've signed up at There's nothing to download and it's not necessary to log into the site to get a message scheduled.

When you do visit the site, you'll see your Laytr dashboard, which shows your scheduled emails and can also plug into other popular calendar apps. Your dashboard enables you to view, edit, cancel or send any of your scheduled messages.

Laytr is a pretty simple reminder tool that doesn't require you to do anything beyond email. If you get really stuck, email and the site will send you a complete user's guide.

Give Laytr a test run. Say "I'm going to follow up on this later" and actually mean it. Now that's getting things done!