Cool Apps: Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone

What's the number one thing you hear folks complaining about when it comes to browsing home listings on the web? Pictures – with many listings online there are either not enough pictures, none at all, or the ones provided are terrible. The good news is that there is an app for that! You no longer need a professional photographer to take good pictures. You actually don't even need a professional camera. All you need is your iPhone and a photography app called Gorillacam.

Gorillacam gives users extra tools that are not standard on the built-in iPhone camera app but can really help you take better pictures with your phone. It includes a self-timer, an anti-shake feature, a grid and a level to help get a picture straight, "press anywhere" picture taking (meaning you can take the picture by pressing anywhere on your screen, not just the picture-taking button), a time-lapse feature and even a three-shot burst mode.

After trying it out a bit, I'm now convinced that there really is no excuse for not providing quality photos of the homes and neighborhoods we sell.

Gorillacam's maker, Joby, even makes a funky tripod called Gorillamobile, that can attach right to your iPhone or mobile device. It has a quirky design that enables you to wrap the legs around objects for stability and different shot angles.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words – I say they're worth even more in real estate. Pictures are essential to capturing the look and feel of a home, to create the first impression that will help a consumer to decide whether or not to even view the house in person.

Not including pictures with marketing materials – on or offline – is a bad practice itself. But including bad pictures is even worse. Rather than agonize over the costs of having your pictures done right – try Gorillacam with your iPhone. Get creative and impress your clients at the same time.