Wednesday Wellness: Love Notes

Have you ever had a coach, mentor or friend act like your own personal “cheerleader” on tough days? They are the bright spot when your day is a little gray and they are your “push” and confidence when you feel like you simply want to lie down and take a nap, but have you considered that you could also be your own personal cheerleader? I have an “out of the box” suggestion; one I tried myself not too long ago.

In the next day or two, sit down and write yourself a “love note” or “pep talk” and log it in to your Outlook or Google calendar each day for 7 consecutive days.

For instance, let’s say you are starting a new workout program and you’re a little hesitant on how motivated you will be on day 3 or 4. Calendar out to day 3 and on that day pre-write yourself a little note saying something like, “I know you are sore from your last 2 workouts, but you also know you love the feeling afterwards so put on your shoes, take a deep breath and don’t hesitate! Just do it and look forward to how you will feel once it’s done.”

Another suggestion might be you are in the middle of negotiating a big transaction and if history repeats itself things are going to heat up quite a bit and stress levels will be high. This might be a day for you to write to yourself: “Hang in there, take 10 deep breaths, read something funny and hit the ground running…you’ll survive in style, like you always do!”

By writing these “love notes” ahead of time, you’ll find it nurturing and extremely powerful. I did this for myself before I was about to endure something very daunting yet necessary and a week after I wrote them, I read them honestly forgetting what I had written. It was just what I needed to push me through and it warmed my heart to know that I wrote them…to me, from me! We know it’s wonderful to have those coaches and mentors, but when the positive encouragement comes from within, that in itself cannot be matched.