Cool Apps: Two to Tango

As a mobile professional whose work requires a lot of travel on a typical day, real estate agents can appreciate any app that makes communication easy, natural and free.  That's why I had to bring up a new app that offers ease of communication – both audio and video – and is free, free, free. Yes, free calling!   iPhone 4G owners have FaceTime. The rest of us now have Tango, a new free mobile-to-mobile video calling service. Think of it as Skype with an even easier interface – or your phone without the bill for extra minutes (plus video capabilities).   Here's how it works: Find the Tango app in the app store for your iPhone or Android device. Download it and invite your friends, family and colleagues to download it as well. This takes just a few minutes. Then once you're set up, you can call any of your contacts who also have Tango installed on their smart phones.  All you need is WiFi, 3G or 4G to make a call.   Tango is pretty cool and its popularity has already exploded since launching on September 30. (It is already in the #2 spot for most popular social networking app, according to PCWorld.)   Tango's main attraction is that you can bring your calls to life with video and talk for free. It's also one of those apps that you can use for both business and personal calls. Sometimes business makes us late for dinner or takes us out of town for a few days. Tango can help keep you connected to your family – face-to-face.   Other features you'll no doubt find useful in your real estate business:

  • Talk for free using your data service (WiFi, 3G or 4G).
  • Toggle back and forth between video or audio-only during a call.
  • Live stream to share what you are seeing (i.e., the other person isn't stuck staring at your face the whole time). Hint: you see a house without your client present but want to give him a quick glimpse.
  • It's super easy to invite your contacts to install and share the Tango experience.

So there you have it: Tango. A new way to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends and family.