Cool Apps: Plan for the Future

Has this ever happened to you? You've run into a colleague who is energized, refreshed and inspired because he just got back from a killer conference in Southern California or an informal barcamp gathering in San Francisco. He stands there telling you how great this event was, how he came back with no less than 10 follow-up action points for building his business. All the while, you're thinking: How could I have not known about this event? Sign me up for next time, please! In real estate, like other businesses, we tend to get super busy and bury ourselves head first in work. Meanwhile, the world continues moving along and we end up missing stuff we didn't realize was happening until it's too late. Well, here's an app that can help with this:

Plancast – it's an app for sharing where you will be, where you plan to go. It may sound silly at first (Who on earth cares where I'll be next week? Or why do I care where Bob Jones will be the first weekend in November?) But there are actually some great business uses for this.

Where the smart kids are

First, using Plancast, you can follow others and see where they are going or what events they are planning to attend. This is probably the best use I can think of for this app. Why? Because instead of hearing about groundbreaking events after the fact, you'll now be able to see that Bob Jones Real Estate Exec is planning to attend this super cool 50 Ways to Rock Your Real Estate Blog barcamp next weekend. And you can sign up to attend too!

The key is following the plans of those who share your interests.

Where the real estate guru is

Second, I can imagine recruiting clients into Plancast to have them follow you. You can then simply lay out open houses, broker tours, or even just the houses you're showing privately to clients. Show them what's out there, what you are seeing, then let them ask questions.

Or, a more informal use would be simply to let folks in your Facebook or Twitter networks know that you and a few colleagues will be having drinks at the local watering hole on Friday and can answer any real estate questions they may have if they want to join.

What's the catch?

Plancast is one of those apps that only really works well if others adopt it too. The good news is that it is catching on, and now they have an iPhone app to use on the go.

You can sign up for Plancast from scratch at their website. Or you can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, which would make it easier to get an instant network going.