Wednesday Wellness: Put money in the bank

Tomorrow I’ll do it! Next week I’ll get started!

As soon as the kids get settled, I can devote my time to my health!

When I get back from vacation…

There are a bazillion other excuses of why we put our health on “hold”.  Our intentions are honorable, but we always think we have “tomorrow” to start!

What IF you are holding off until “tomorrow” and you get in a severe accident and all of a sudden, you CAN’T exercise for up to 2 months…at all? Would you be relieved that you “held off” or would you be bummed out that you did NOT start your workout regiment? If you HAD worked out, you’d be in shape, strong and would get through the healing and/or surgery even stronger. You’d be able to balance, use your core and have the heart health to get through injuries easily. If you were “waiting” to start your body would still be out of shape, weak and make the 2 months healing time very challenging and difficult.

Does this sound a little out there? Maybe, but isn’t this like putting money in the bank for a rainy day? Maybe this is like eating healthy so that you don’t get diabetes, or maybe this is similar to training well for a marathon so you don’t get injured, or maybe it’s simply because if you DO get in an accident, you are in rocking shape so you heal fast?

In the past year, I’ve known women who deliver babies, men and women who survived surgeries, men and women who’ve survived car accidents and clients who have overcome diabetes and high cholesterol. Those who came in to these challenging occurrences with strength and health have phenomenal healing scores over those who aren’t taking care of their health.

What to do? How to “put money in the bank” you have to have this as your priority in your life so if tragedy DOES happen, you are prepared and can heal as well as possible because you are prepared.

Trust me; this can make the WORLD of difference 1, 5, 10, 30 years down your road!  What will you do?