Cool Apps: ManageFlitter Helps You Build a Better Twitter

If you've been using Twitter for some time, incorporating it into your online marketing strategy, you've no doubt realized that Twitter is one of those tools that gives back what you put in. Ask two people and you could get one who loves Twitter, says it's changed her business life, enabled her to network and become smarter at what she does. The other could very well come back and say it was the biggest waste of time.  That's why I've been so keen on highlighting tools that aim to help you make the most of Twitter and other social media tools. One I've found most recently is ManageFlitter.   ManageFlitter is really good at just one thing: helping you manage whom you don't follow on Twitter. Why does this matter? Because if you're following all the wrong people or (gasp!) empty spam accounts, it can not only clog up your feed with irrelevant noise, it can also influence your reputation.   How? Well, for one, when people decide whether or not to follow you they will inevitably check out whom you follow. If you're the guy or gal following a bunch of porn spammers or worse, completely inactive Twitterers, then your social reach will be viewed as nil.   Also, your ratio of "followers" to "following" can actually say a lot about you. If you follow many more people than the number who follow you back, then you probably aren't very influential. Vice versa: if your number of followers far exceeds the number of folks you follow, then you're likely pretty influential.   Why does this matter? It's all the sort of details that make up your online reputation. And of course it all comes back to utilizing Twitter in the best and most efficient way possible (i.e., eliminating useless chatter).   What ManageFlitter does is go through your Twitter account and tell you which of the users you follow aren't following you back, which ones are inactive, who is talkative and who is not talkative. Each of these characteristics can be used to determine whether or not you should continue following someone.   Try it out and see what you can do to improve your Twitter experience. Make your social media efforts work harder for your business!